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Nijikawa has partnered up with the most prestigious fish feed manufacturer in the world, EWOS Canada. Making use of the advanced research laboratories and development centers, while at the same time conducting R&D at some of the worlds top koi farms, Nijikawa is of the highest quality feeds available today. 

All Nijikawa Lines of Feed include:

  • Optimal Essential Amino Acid profile (protein) supplies biological functions and strong conformation

  • Sufficient Lipid Acid profile (fat) provides energy as well as healthy cell structure

  • Balanced Protein/Fat ratio to promote muscle build and reduce ammonia excretion

  • Prebiosal provides nutrition for probiotic culture as well as to massage and stimulate growth of gut villi

  • Probiotics promoting digestion as well as nutrition absorption in the intestinal tract

  • Nucleotide to speed up reproduction of cells

  • Increased Stabilized Vitamin C, E and B12 to enhance immune system and healthy neural system

  • Highly digestive ingredients to increase nutrition intake and reduce waste

  • Expanded Pellet Technology (EPT) to improve pellet durability in the water and preserve water quality

  • Complete Vitamin and Mineral mix to support full biological needs and bone structure

  • All Nijikawa lines of feed are NON-GMO (no soy or corn gluten protein)

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