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In Japanese, "Niji" is rainbow and "Taki" is water fall. Niji-no-Taki represents the Nijikawa product line that brings the live water into your pond.


Niji-no-Taki is an innovative filtration system that integrates mechanical filter (drum), biological filter (bakki shower) and sterilization system (UV) into one. Pump-fed design, as for all bakki shower system, to pump your pond water into the system, then through the drum, passing the UV, then processed by the bio-media, and return the clear and healthy water back to your pond.


  1. A complete system using minimal space (40”L x 24”W x 68”H);

  2. Stainless steel construction, strong and weather resistant;

  3. Easy installation requires only one pipe from the pond and one waste line to your yard;

  4. 75-micron screen removes wastes from your koi pond;

  5. Customized washing cycle by Timer to fit the needs of your pond; No risk to any sensor failure;

  6. Built-in UV lights in stainless chamber help to keep water clear and eliminate bacteria film built up on the drum, also protect beneficial bacteria colony in bakki shower below;

  7. Strong ceramic media provides abundant surface areas for beneficial bacteria to grow;

  8. Spill way design to reduce the noise caused by return water flow;

  9. Energy saving components runs less than 5 amp and less than 1/2 gallon water in 30-second clean cycle;

  10. 10,000 gph flow suitable for 6,000-gallon ponds with heavy feeding.


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