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NIJIKAWA GROWTH koi food and NIJIKAWA FOUR SEASONS koi food are both designed to be very kind to your water quality just as they are designed to transform your koi.

NIJIKAWA koi feeds include carefully weighed Prebiosals, Nucleotides, Probiotics and Minerals that will boost your koi and your water alike!

In the koi hobby, we are first keepers of water and then keepers of fish. Right? Without quality water, one can reasonably expect low quality koi health and appearance. But wait! We have to feed our koi a lot and a lot of different things nowadays to gain the most beauty out of our special gem, though that comes at a cost to both wallet and water.

NJIKAWA USA has addressed both wallet and water concerns! Let's talk about the water for now, you will discover the wallet ease for yourself when you purchase the GROWTH or FOUR SEASONS NIJIKAWA PREMIUM KOI FOOD.

Feeding your koi NIJIKAWA KOI FOOD will help clear the koi intestine thanks to prebiosals in the food which are not digestable, but rather gently move through the gastrointestinal system cleansing and creating more surface area for superior absorption of the balanced protein and fat ratio derived from animal sources that the NIJIKAWA FEED consists of.

Better absorption of the food is better for the koi and better for the water because the waste is different after being processed by the animal. Your koi uses NIJIKAWA KOI FOOD much better than other food because in addition to the animal protein and fat, NIJIKAWA FEED avoids controversial GMO protein sources such as corn gluten meal and soybean protein concentrate.

Stabalized Vitamin C and Vitamin E in addition to the prebiosals, nucleotides, probiotics, animal proteins and fats along with NON-GMO plant ingrdients conspire to make your koi assimilate the food much better, creating higher level of health which again assists in better absorption of food which in turn creates a better immune system, color , skin quallity and size which all leads to less waste in the water where the waste that is in the water contains probiotic enzymes and bacteria which clung to the prebiosals as well as having passed through, cleansing your kois gastrointestinal system.

Nucleotides in the NIJIKAWA PREMIUM KOI FOOD play a really neat, but important role in your koi fish. They act as support for general health, development, performance and even stress elimination on a molecular level.

NIJIKAWA USA and EWOS have brought a very VERY POWERFUL tool to the koi industry! The manufacturing facility is awarded by BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices), Global GAP (Good Agriculture Practices) and certified by ISO22000:2005, ISO 14001:2004, and OSHA 18001:2008 standards. With sustainable high quality ingredient sources and expertise on every level, we proudly introduce NIJIKAWA premium koi food!

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