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NIJIKAWA USA is working with the most prestigious fish feed manufacturer in the world! Ewos! Boasting the most advanced research fish feed research laboratory sites all around the globe, the mega aquatic feed company has agreed to manufacture for Nijikawa USA NIJIKAWA GROWTH and NIJIKAWA FOUR SEASONS. Bringing to the koi industry two brand new, tested and proven, high end formulations of koi feed; and they are affordable for all! Even retail!

NIJIKAWA USA has been established with one idea in mind; Bring the best possible koi feed to the community at an affordable price!

NIJIKAWA USA's two koi feed lines have been carefully designed to enhance koi health and improve koi growth. Research and care along with a lot of testing resulted in a feed line that delivers quality, balanced nutrition with optimal protien and fat ratios that enhance digestive processes while stimulating metabolism which in turn strengthens the immune system leading to improved body conformation, skin quality and deep color.

Deep color and shiny skin is a fantastic side effect of this new affordable koi feed line! Water quality preservation is by design. Center focus of NIJKAWA was set on water quality preservation right alongside nutrition, growth, health, colr and longevity. Only the highest quality ingredients can support the entitre concept, thus only the highest quality ingredients essential to nutrition, support to intake nutrition, support to accelerated metabolism, support to immune system, support to intestinal health, growth and body conformation, improved skin quality, enhanced color along with waste reduction were used.

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