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Japan Koi Breeders & Nijikawa Koi Food

Nijikawa's Line of Premium Koi Foods have become a staple use for many famous Japanese Koi Breeders in Niigata, Japan -The Nishikigoi Capital of the world!

Hasegawa says: "Nijikawa reminds me the great quality koi feed made in Japan 30 years ago!"

Isa says: “I think that Nijikawa may be the ONLY Good Koi Food Made Outside of Japan”

We are very happy to hear that at Nijikawa USA! We have worked very hard with some very talented experts in the lab!

Being used by different breeders in different ratios, it has made big impacts on the breeders and the Koi they produce.

Rather than having to read another story about epic Koi Food, please see for yourself some of the breeders who have remarked on the food and whom have aurhorized Nijikawa USA to use their photos and their quotes below.

In each photo is a retail box of Nijikawa Growth which is 45% Protein, 10% Fat, Nucleotides and Probiotics with high quality NON GMO ingredients and scientifically chosen ingredients with blended vitamin packs Designed for Your Koi.

Marudo Koi Farm - Nijikawa was used for yonsai Chia koi and Karashi koi, “boom-boom” growth! Will use for core variety next year.

CEO Chien Lee Nijikawa Koi Food Marudo Koi Farm


Marusaka Koi Farm – Nijikawa was used at all ponds with different mixing ratio. Great Growth and Great Conditions!

CEO Chien Lee Nijikawa Koi Food marusaka Koi Farm


Koda Koi Farm – Nijikawa are used at Nisai and older ponds. “I think, Nijikawa is Super Koi Food"

CEO Chien Lee Nijikawa koi Food Koda Koi Farm


Sekiguchi Koi Farm – Nijikawa was mixed at all ponds. Great Growth. Need more Research on how to handle. “I believe Nijikawa has Tremendous Potential”

CEO Chien Lee Nijikawa Koi Food Sekiguchi koi Farm


Ozumi Ikarashi Koi Farm – Nijikawa was use at all ponds with different mixing ratio. Great Improvement on Conformation. Koi are Healthy and Active!

CEO Chien Lee Ozumi Ikarashi Koi Farm

Your pets in water deserve the best nutrition you can provide, right? Nijikawa Premium Koi Food is It! I mean, if it is good enough to be fed to the Koi by Top Breeders in Japan, It must be well enough for pampered Koi in your pond.

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